Our Staff
Anita Whetstone, Administrator, 715-423-7400 | Email

Owner Anita Whetstone started Hilltop in her home more than 20 years ago. It has grown to include four traditional assisted living facilities, including memory care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. Hilltop Affiliates Inc. will continue to operate its assisted living facilities.

Agusta Beaumont, Program Director, 715-423-7400 | Email

Agusta Beaumont, programs manager, has her roots in central Wisconsin and Hilltop. She has been an employee, manager or contractor since the business opened 20 years ago. In her most recent position, she scheduled and coordinated activities for residents as well as served as a resource for administration.

Mitchell Bain, Executive Director, 715-423-1610 | Email

Mitchell Bain, executive director, has been with Hilltop since its inception. He was promoted to his present position in January 2005. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and is trained as a CNA. Mitchell takes great pride in being able to help families in their time of need and to earn their trust in Hilltop.

Stacy Weeks, Director, 715-423-7400 | Email

Stacy Weeks, director, started with Hilltop as a resident aide 15 years ago. As the business grew from a single home with five residents, Stacy trained at the other facilities and was promoted to a management position in 2004. In her present role, she oversees all of Hilltop’s facilities. She is a lifelong resident of central Wisconsin and enjoys the outdoors in her free time.

Chris Madsen, Administrative Assistant, 715-423-1610 | Email

Chris Madsen, is the administrative assistant at Alpine Terrace and Ravenwood. She has been with Hilltop for 2 1/2 years. Her responsibilities consist of overseeing medications, medical orders, doing activities with residents, working with staff and helping to keep the home running smoothly. Most importantly, she communicates with families of residents and residents for their needs to be met and to ensure the highest quality of care. Chris started at Hilltop as caregiver and was promoted to her current position. She has been caring for the elderly for 20 years and fully enjoys it. She has four children and currently has 14 grandchildren. She enjoys, reading, camping, hiking and road trips visiting historical sites and working with the youth.

Mystique Macomber, Community Relations Director, 715-423-7400 | Email

Mystique Macomber joined the Hilltop team in January 2015 as community relations director. She coordinates media coverage, advertising and marketing for Hilltop, including social media, and serves as a researcher for staff and facility projects. A native of Wisconsin Rapids, she is married with three children. Outside of work, you can find her in the garden, walking the dog or painting travel scenes.