"Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards the staff at Hilltop of Pepper. The dedication of the staff is truly unbelievable. The first day I brought my wife, Georgia to the facility was the hardest moment I had to endure at that point in my life. That was until I experienced the care of the staff. The compassion in their eyes, the tenderness of the hearts –it was 100% real. The smiles they had were heartfelt–I knew that the woman who had so lovingly taken care of me and then later our two wonderful daughters, now was receiving the same attention she so well-deserved.

They became a family to me. We laughed together, we cried together; we all had the same intention–to provide for the woman who managed our family for years. Despite the problems they had at home they came to work ready to go. Busy as they were, no favor I asked went unfulfilled.

The caregivers were just that–"givers of care." Selfless, understanding, sympathetic and true listeners. They endured every last moment with my beautiful Georgia. Through the good and the bad, together we pushed forward. Had it not been for their honest commitment, I don't know how I would stand today. That's exactly what they've given me through their support; the ability to stand strong without the love of my life beside me. As I recall their dedication to Georgia, I recognize just how much they've given me. The truth is that these individuals have affected me for the rest of my life, and I hadn't realized just how influential they were until now. There is no other place that could give this personal care to Georgia other than the staff at Hilltop of Pepper."

With sincere love, – Maurice Petta

"My mother spent the last six months of her life at Hilltop Assisted Living. The staff at Hilltop treated us with such respect and dignity. It didn’t take long before their staff, other residents, became our extended family! I miss Mom so much, but I know in my heart, for us, we made the right decision at Hilltop Assisted Living."

–Gail M.

Hilltop has become part of my life and I am forever grateful. When I gave Jeanie to you for total care, I couldn't conceive how happy this would have made me in this the most difficult time of my life.

The cleanliness, well-planned meals, activities, and most importantly, the love extended by everyone there. . . Thank you again!

––Dr. Jack Schaller, MD